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Copy the wsp file to your SharePoint 2010 server and install as usual.

Powershell example:

Add-SPSolution –LiteralPath "C:\AdlibWorkflowActivity.wsp"
Install-SPSolution –Identity AdlibWorkflowActivity.wsp –GACDeployment


Add or edit a workflow in SharePoint designer. You should see a new heading Adlib under the Action menu. Click on Insert/Update Query to add the action to your workflow.

The following action is inserted:

Send API query to wwwopac address. command= API command, database= database name and data= xml data (Output to Variable: priref)

wwwopac address

Fill in the full URL of your wwwopac instance, for example: http://myserver/wwwopac.ashx

API command

Select either insertrecord or updaterecord from the dropdown. More information on these commands can be found on the Adlib API site.

database name

Fill in the name of your Adlib database as specified in adlibweb.xml


Add your xml data here. No encoding is required but you will need to mirror the structure of your API search results. For example:

        <record priref="">

When inserting a record the priref should be 0 (zero). To update a record you must specify the priref of the record you'd like to update

You can add SharePoint designer lookups to populate the values.

Variable: priref

Specify the workflow variable to populate with the priref returned from the Adlib API.

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